Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up of caring, concerned adults from the community. Our Advisory Board provides direction, oversight, and vision for the Affiliate Director. The team meets monthly for prayer, ministry updates, and strategic planning.

Meet our Advisory Board

  • Christina Fowler

    I led the effort to create The Porch in 2008, and then served as the Director until the end of 2016 when I transitioned out of my staff role. Now I am delighted to participate in this ministry through the Advisory Board and as a volunteer mentor. I am passionate about loving God, walking in intentional discipleship relationships, and creating safe space for Jesus to heal the hearts of His people (Isaiah 61).

  • Courtney Dredden-Carter

    I started serving with the Porch as a small group leader in the fall of 2012 and joined the Advisory Board in the summer of 2015. I love being a part of an organization that is after the hearts of DC youth. Professionally, I work as the Diversity and Inclusion Manager for a large law firm and attend Capitol City Church. 

  • Fabrice Wanji

    My name is Fabrice, but my brothers call me Fabio. I have been a member of the board since May 2016. My family and I attend The City Church DC at the Tenleytown Campus. What I like the most about The Porch is witnessing the work of the Holy Spirit in the youth, empowering the next generation, and creating a lasting impact in the DC community.

  • Lisa Watson

    My involvement with The Porch began in the Spring of 2016.  Because of my desire to see women in ministry empowered for their role in God's Kingdom, and to gain a deeper connection to the youth of DC, I joined the Advisory Board of The Porch.  I attend the District Church East Side parish. Along with being a mom of 3 kids, and a volunteer pastor at District church, I get to be part of the great staff team at Christian Community Development Association.

  • Yan Lee 

    I’ve been involved with The Porch since 2011, first by organizing meals, and then later as a Bible study host; I joined the Advisory Board in 2013.  What I love about The Porch is that through it, God ministers to the youth of DC who are vulnerable and discouraged, for “a bruised reed he will not break” (Isaiah 42:3).  I also have a special heart for the older youth who are trying their best to transition well into adulthood.   I attend Grace DC Presbyterian Church Downtown, and during the day, I’m a research economist focusing on entrepreneurship and small business finance.